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Callen Harty is a writer, public speaker, and activist based in Monona, Wisconsin.

Callen Harty. Photo taken for an article in Our Lives Magazine--Photo by Melody Harrison Hanson. Used with permission.



Member, Wisconsin Writers Association
Member, Council for Wisconsin Writers
Lifetime Member, Broom Street Theater


Callen recently set up a page on FineArtAmerica to sell some of his photography. Check it out. Sell Art Online

Callen was asked to be a participant in a long-range planning process for the state of Wisconsin's response to sexual assault and domestic violence. The group is comprised of members of End Abuse, the Wisconsin Governor's Council on Domestic Abuse, the Department of Children and Families, the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, American Indians Against Abuse, the Office of Crime Victim Services--Wisconsin Department of Justice, and other organizations, as well as individual citizens.The first meeting was at the end of August.

Callen will be speaking to Stoughton High School students on child sexual abuse after the fall school session starts. The date has not been set yet.

Callen was invited by Wisconsin State Representative Chris Taylor to speak at a press conference introducing two prospective bills on sexual assault--the Child Victims Act and the Clergy Mandatory Reporting Act. The press conference was held at the State Capitol on August 7.

The Capital Times published an article on the 2019 Paths to Healing conference on June 28. You can read it at Sexual Abuse Conference Educates on Often 'Invisible' Male, African American, LGBTQ Survivors

Callen was the emcee/host for the 2019 Paths to Healing conference on child sex abuse that he helped start and helps plan every year. It was on June 21 at the American Family Insurance Training Center in Madison, Wisconsin.. The event went very well and about 30 more people attended this year as last.

Callen's blog post, Pride (and Prejudice) was published by Madison365 on Friday, June 14. Check it out at Madison365.

After twenty years as a mentor, Callen retired from Proud Theater, the LGBT youth theater group he co-founded in 1999. He mentored with the group through this year's culminating performance at the end of May.

Work continues on Callen's next book, which will be a collection of selected essays.

Callen's newest book is The Stronger Pull, a memoir on his coming out years in the late 1970s in small-town Wisconsin.

Buy your copy of The Stronger Pull on Amazon or order through your local bookstore.

Callen's play, Invisible Boy, is an autobiographical play on surviving child sex abuse, finding oneself, and finding forgiveness.

Buy your copy of Invisible Boy on Amazon or order through your local bookstore.

"Written simply and with shattering honesty, Empty Playground is a compelling read, and surprisingly uplifting."--Bill Lueders, The Isthmus, Jan. 21, 2016

Callen's second book is Empty Playground: A Survivor's Story. It is a true story of surviving childhood sex abuse in a small town in southwestern Wisconsin. Foreword by Dr. David Lisak.

Buy your copy of Empty Playground: A Survivor's Story on Amazon or order through your local bookstore.

Callen's first book is My Queer Life, a collection of essays, poems, scenes from plays, speeches, and other writings detailing more than thirty years as a queer community activist.

Buy your copy of My Queer Life on Amazon or order through your local bookstore.

In addition to his own books, Callen's work (both writing and photos) has been published in several other books and anthologies, including the following:

The Milwaukee Anthology, edited by Justin Kern. 2019. (Essay)
Pacific Northwest Insects, by Merrill A. Peterson. 2018. (Photo)
Celebrating Wisconsin People: 2019 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar, by Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. 2018. (Poem)
With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice, by Dorothy Marcic. 2018. (Essay on his best friend's suicide and a photo)
You Can Help: A Guide for Family and Friends of Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault, by Rebecca Street. 2016. (Survivor story)
Local Ground(s): Midwest Poetics, by Sarah Busse and Cowfeather Press. 2014. (Essay on art as political resistance)
Wisconsin (It's My State!), by Margaret Dornfeld and Richard Hantula. 2010. (Photo)
Black Out, by Lisa Unger. 2008. (Cover photo) The Most Extreme Bugs, by Animal Planet. 2007 (Photo)
Wisconsin 24/7, by DK Press, part of the America 2/47 book series. 2004. (Multiple photos)
Wisconsin Poets' Calendar, 2001, by the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. 2001. (Poem)

Callen's blog, A Single Bluebird, gets about 10,000 views a year. There are over 300 posts on a variety of subjects, most recently a piece on mortality after the death of a friend and a post he wrote on the anniversary of 9/11.
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At a reading at Milwaukee PrideFest. Photo by Brian Wild.

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